Friday, March 27, 2009

Surround Snoring and A Few Links...

Snoring has been a big topic around here lately... Charlie's on a schedule, of sorts-- which has helped a little at night-- he's mostly sleeping through the night like he was from 0-3 months. Charlie sleeping thru night- check. So I should be sleeping, too-- right?

Jeremy is a snorer. I can sleep through it mostly, but I do sometimes wake up and say, "Could you please turn over???" That helps. A couple times he's gotten frustated with me because I will wake up and ask him to turn over but he's awake (maybe just got in bed or something). He didn't understand why I did that, and I could only say that I thought I heard snoring....

Well, this morning we figured it out. I heard snoring from Jeremy's side of the bed, and then a second set of snores. Turns out it is the neighbor's snoring! I have no idea if he'd ever read my blog, but all I can say is this-- if I have heard his snoring through the walls (and though you may be thinking it, I don't have super sonic hearing!:) ), he must be a super LOUD sleeper! The walls aren't that thin!

It even woke up Jeremy, who thought I was snoring!

Anyway, we're all doing well otherwise. Went to a W&L/VMI/SVU meet yesterday-- more like went swimming at a track meet (according to Jeremy) b/c it rained so much. Charlie never complained, though. Today we'll go swimming (for real), go to a spring soccer game, and then to a birthday dinner for Leslie.

Have a nice weekend!

On to the random links...

What a cute party idea!

High Fructose Corn Syrup-- surprising info.

And, finally, these are photos of some very unhappy little pets....

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