Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I Feel Better Now

Yesterday evening on the news, they had a segment about Charles Manson. They showed footage of him testifying in court. The moment they chose just happened to be when he stated his name: "Charles Willis Milles Manson."  My jaw dropped because that's Charlie's name! (Charles Willis C.) For a second there, I really thought that maybe we should change his name... Manson really creeps me out! 

Of course we didn't think about that when we named him, but now I feel much better because I discovered that he shares his name with a cricketer by the name Charles Willis and a dinnerware/stemware company. 

Yes, I'm a dork! :) Have a good week.


Jennifer said...

We knew it going in, but of course everybody asks us if we know Hank's full name, John Henry, is a song about a steel-driving former slave. Yes -- we know. They feel so clever, like they are calling us out on something we didn't know before naming him.

I don't think any name is truly unique, or if it is, it is probably weird.

still figgurin' said...

I sort of know how you feel. A week after Ivan was born there was an article in the paper about how boys that have unusual names, such as "Ivan" have a greater likelihood of growing up to be criminals!
Oh well- our boys will just have to leave behind a positive legacy!

Chef Messy said...

Oh no! Haha. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think most of the rest of the world knows him as anything but Charles Manson (I didn't!).