Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Snow & Swimming in March

So it is March, but the weather is anything but spring-like! We finally got a good snow on Sunday evening... it was so nice to finally have a few inches of snow to play in! We spent most of the weekend (before it snowed) just relaxing with my parents. Their house is heated by wood stove, so it was NICE and WARM! 

These are the puppies they got over Christmas: Callie is a lab mix & Tinkerbella is a Yorkie/something :) mix! In case you can't figure out this shot, they are curled up together on the couch.

Jeremy started reading The Outliners, ended up finishing it and also reading The Last Lecture before we had to go back to work Tuesday.

My mom looked into vacation stuff....

While my dad played and rested with Charlie. I asked him to pretend he was asleep here (he's a good actor, huh!) so that I could post the photo that follows with it...
Here he is, really asleep with me! In case you are wondering what's up with the walls of this house, it was actually a log cabin. They loved it, but moved to a "real" house because there were so many bats!
Later in the afternoon, we took Charlie swimming at W and L. I've been waiting to do this for such a long time now, but Sundays are the only day I can make it when the pool is open. Yes, it was snowing, but I expected the pool to be really warm. They told me it would be warm... but it was freezing! Apparently they keep it cold so the swim team doesn't overheat during practice or meets. Charlie was a trooper, though-- we swam about 10 "baby" laps and he kicked, smiled, and laughed the whole time. I was freezing afterwards and Charlie was a few shades closer to white, but I can't wait to go again. In fact, this spring we're signed up to the Mommy and me class.  After we were finished, we walked outside to this sight:

The following morning, we bundled Charlie up and were going to go sledding. It was just so windy, though, that he didn't enjoy it. Here he says, "Please, take me inside!" He might be more like me-- not super outdoorsy! :)

Here he is, relieved to finally be back inside from that nasty chill! Maybe next year he'll be happier to try sledding! 

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Parks Family said...

Wow! Charlie is so big! He seems like he is a real sweet boy. Next time you head up to D.C. let us know and we will try to meet up with you. (Even if it is just for a stroll through IKEA!) Hope you are enjoying warmer weather now.