Monday, December 22, 2008

Holiday Goodies

So there won't be any handmade gifts this year... there's just no time. Well, there were the homemade gifts of sweets and such, but that's it. I am going to finish shopping today, and tommorow & Wed. will do some preparations for Christmas morning Brunch!

There will be some Mexican Brunch Casserole... (will post recipe later)

Latkes (I'm not Jewish I know, but I make these every year after I had some awesome roommates who were Jewish)...

Ebelskivers (I'm not Danish.... but I also like to make these each year...)

Sausage Balls...

And whatever caramels & Pumpkin Surprise Pie is leftover from Christmas Eve dinner at my parents' house!

There is one cookie I'd love to make, but will prob. not have time for -- here's the recipe. It looked delicious in this month's Country Living.

Oh, one more thing-- check out her adorable cookies! I'm totally making the cherry cookies next year!

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Diana said...

I think next year (or this year, I guess, technically) I'll be making gifts throughout the year in hopes of finishing them before the Christmas season so I have more time for Christmas baking and crafting. There's just too much to do during the holidays, no? Sounds like guys had some good eating! :)