Sunday, June 01, 2008

It's Definetely a Boy!!!!

We had our ultrasound on Thursday... here's what we saw:

A little baby foot!Next we saw this weird shape... can you guess what it is???

It's the baby's bottom cheeks and wee-wee!

He went on to show us for a good while that he's definetely a boy. For most of my pregnancy, I was so sure it was a girl!

Next, we saw an almost perfect profile... he just wouldn't turn his head all the way. The lady doing the ultrasound said she was sure he was asleep, so she tried to move the wand around him, nudge him to wake up...he would only kick her to say, "Leave me alone, lady! I'm trying to sleep!"

It was a really surreal experience. I can't believe I'm having a boy. I'm excited! More details later.


Chef Messy said...

Haha, yay!!! I should have known you were having a boy (just because you were so determined it was a girl!), but I just really couldn't imagine you having anything but a girl! I'm so excited for you! Boys are so fun. Definitely wild, but less emotional than girls. Still though, I was imagining all the really cute things you would do for a girl, so I'm really interested to see what you will do for a boy! CONGRATS!

lezzleby said...

I cannot believe my nephew's wee-wee is on display for everyone to see!!

Jane said...

Congratulations! So exciting!

Renee and Jake said...

Please tell Jeremy congrats for me and congrats to you too. I am learning all about boys and they can be fun.