Sunday, May 25, 2008

We're Having A Watermelon!

I'm halfway through the pregnancy and already I'm sad that it could be over soon! I've really enjoyed almost every second of this, and I feel great. There are moments that haven't been the greatest, but I'm having so much fun. Each week I visit this page to see what size fruit/vegetable the baby is approximately, and so each week we've said it's our little "sweet potato" or "mango"... this week a cantelope! Aack! That's big! Of course at the end is a watermelon-- that scares me a little!
Thursday is our big ultrasound day!!!! Our little cantelope will hopefully cooperate enough to show us whether she's a she or he's a he. I'll share next weekend I'm sure. I'm dying to know so we can go on ahead and pick a name-- although we'll surely wait to meet the kid before we decide for sure! :)

The NestBaby has a few other fun pages, click here.

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Chef Messy said...

Haha! This post makes me laugh. It will feel like a watermelon by the end, believe me! (Especially since you're so tiny!) I'm so excited to find out what you're having!

We miss you guys!!!