Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Final Countdown

In exactly 5 days, our Spring Break begins. I can't even begin to tell you how much I need it. I need some sunshine and a little adventure in an unknown place. To say I've been a little bored here in Lex Vegas....
but where to go? I'd be happy going up north. Visiting family and being in a big city like Philly or New York would be fantastic. I imagine eating all that wonderful food you can't get around here, going to museums and parks and did I metion eating?

But Jeremy's picturing something more like this when he imagines visiting a city. He wants to go somewhere warm.

So let's say we head south. Somewhere warm. We always enjoy going to Charleston... And Savannah....
but I sort of feel like we should go somewhere new. Maybe Nags Head? I went a lot in the summers when I was younger (my dad had a soccer camp there)-- but would it be too cold?

There would be a beach at all three places. Most affordable? Nags Head. Warmest? Savannah. Prettiest? Savannah.

More on the verdict later.

The verdict: First pick was of course Savannah for us both. But with gas prices and all, we needed to go closer. We chose Asheville. More on that later!


Jane said...

We had a similar debate, Santa Fe won. Hope you have a great vacation no matter where you go!

kirsten sparenborg said...

I am guessing the verdict was not Savannah? Poor me... Tell me where you did - I mean where you went and what you did!! I hope it was GRAND.