Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekend Update and WIP's

Well, I had another birthday and it was loads of fun. Not only did we get one snow day-- but two! Two whole days to play in the snow and do some much needed work around the house!

My family took us to eat on Wednesday to a nice Italian place in Staunton and then to Kline's Dairy Barn. We had a great time. My birthday itself was a quiet night since we were stuck inside. I made a nice pot of soup and a loaf of homemade beer bread-- it was a perfect meal for a cold night. Jeremy made me the funniest card and he's been a real sweetheart all weekend. I'm really not sure how I'll get out of bed tommorow morning and head back to work after getting to hang out at home so much!

Here's what it looked like outside:
Not a great day for picture taking, (as I've challenged myself to do-- I'm hoping to take more photos in the chance that if I take more, more will turn out well...) since after the snow, sleet began so we had only a small window of opportunity to play in the snow!

Friday and Saturday I was either baking or doing dishes or eating. I don't think I did anything else. Ashley took me to lunch Saturday at the Southern Inn (seems to be our tradition), but other than that I spent as much time as I could trying to prepare some sweet treats for our friends Lyndsey and Jonathan's wedding reception. Lyndsey loves cakes and so we set out to make some fabulously decorated- yummy cakes! It was success!

Here's the start of my 'petit fours'-- I even doubled the recipe but only ended up with a small amount. What a pain in the ***** that recipe was! Double sifted everything and then the icing was just all wrong.
This is the other cake I made an Orange Marmalade Cake from the Mitford series. I was hesitant to even try this (I'm always scared to try my baked goods) because the recipe called for a sort of whipped cream and sour cream frosting, but I'm pleased with how it turned out! I even tried to make some pretty candied orange and lemon slices!

Here's everything, including my petit fours that Lyndsey jazzed up:

She did such a nice job & even found the time to make a birthday cake for me! It's much like the pink one above. That was so sweet!

Today, we're just relaxing and eating lots of leftover cake. Hope you had great weekend!

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Shopaholic D said...

those cakes look so yummy! i love how the chocolate icing one looks - so pretty!

:) Diana
The Chic Life