Friday, October 26, 2007

A Very Loooooong Day

About 2 weeks ago, I went with my parents and grandparents down to Chateau Morrisette in southwest VA for my Aunt Stefanie's birthday brunch. It should've been a short drive of less than 2 and half hours....but it turned into a all day event!
The car we were driving broke down (the radiator) in a really quiet part of the state... this was before all the rain... so it was hot, hot, hot standing on the side of the road! It took at least 45 minutes for a state trooper to pick us up, and a little more for a tow truck. The car wouldn't be ready for days, so were sorta stuck there-- halfway between home and our destination. We ended up being dropped off at McDonalds and called my hubby to come pick us up! He arrived later in the day, and we decided to continue since we'd made it that far.
We finally arrived, but we wanted nothing more than to chill out!
We finally had to head back to Lex. for the long, curvy drive home (we now had 6 crowded in the car and this was a drive in the mountains!)...
Without a great sense of humor, we would've have made it! Good times.

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