Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A New Year

Well, another school year has begun. I don't know about other teachers, but it's sort of where our year begins and ends. We're preparing every way we know how for an entirely group of kids. Yes, they may be the same students that were in the building last year, but they're different :) A third grader is sooo much older than a second grader, don't you know? In all seriousness, it's a great time of year. No one's counting down 'til the next break, or when school will get out... it's just everyone anxious to meet, greet and start a new year with a new group of kids.

I often keep in mind that the internet is public domain. I try to keep those thoughts that I might get me in trouble in a more private diary, but some days I really want to run to the computer and vent,vent, vent. Boy-oh-boy, do I want to write all kinds of things. But I'm going to bite my tongue and say things nicely.

For the first time in forever, seriously, forever, I am going to work just one job this year. For most people, that may sound pretty good. Ever since 10th grade, I've worked multiple jobs at once-- I think junior or senior year one semester I worked in a florist, a restaurant, a spa, and sometimes babysat or catered. In college I always was a student (I considered that a job!) and waitress or nanny. For the past few years, I've worked at the school and waitressed. In fact, I've worked at one restaurant for the past three years: I'm the employee who'd been there the longest & I was a part-time employee!

Well, recently I ended my employment with the restaurant. Things ended in a disappointing way, but I guess everything can't happen the way you hope it will.

So now, I've got just one job to work. It's full-time, of course, but I won't have to balance 2 work schedules! What will I do with all that free time???

I must sound strange. I just haven't ever not been really busy. Busy, busy, busy. I know it's about time for me to have my free time, but it is a weird feeling. It was nice to have a change of pace each week, too-- each workplace has its own feel, and I guess that's one more thing I'll miss.

But I have so, sooooo many ideas & patterns, so many ideas, so many projects that I want to do. We want to go places, do fun things. And I want to get back to school, maybe go to Mary Baldwin and take some graphic design courses in those programs I know so little about.

Maybe it was the reunion and realizing I've been out 10 years. Maybe it's the fact that I realized you can't always have that perfect job, or make that perfect paycheck. I dunno. What I know is that I appreciate what I have, and the direction that life's taking me is exciting.

So, I'm sure you'll be seeing lots more blogging, since I'll have a little more free time. I mean, doesn't today prove it to you? I think I wrote 4 posts! :)

Here's something fun for you to play with- fd's Flickr toys-- this is using the Hockneyizer effect.

My creation2

Have a great week.

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