Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Long, Long Time Ago

I found these photos in an album today, and since I'd just posted some of the kids in Ocean City, I wanted to post a few of the days when the family first got the house and we all went as kids.

Here's me with my bro, Michael...
Preparing to give him his birthday cake....
Looks like I lost my 2 front teeth here. We spent a few of his birthdays down there, one I'll never forget. We wondered where he was when it was dinner time, as we knew he was out with a 16 yr old relative; turns out she got caught shoplifting a Madonna record and they both went to the police station! There was also a hurricane one year, but I don't know whether it was the same week.

Becca and me...

And all of us kids in the kitchen-- Becca, Michael, Matt and I.... scan0001
And the kids last week!
My how we've all grown! Here's Matt, and any day now he's gonna be a dad himself!
matt suit
matt and kerri pregnant
Time sure flies!

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