Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Snowed In This Month


I've skipped on blogging for a while, to sort of hiberate (yeah, I know the computer's in the house, too) and enjoy winter since it finally arrived. We've been completely spoiled by the number of snow days we've had... now at the sight of fog or ice on the trees, we're sure that they'll reward us with at least an hour delay or two. After all, they gave us 2 snow days without the sight of a drop of the white stuff! What's funny is that now, after a few weeks of hoping for a snow day, all the teachers talk about wanting Spring to arrive! (Probably because if we have another snow day, we'll have to use one of our Spring Break days!!!!)


Here's a few photos from a day in the snow with Jeremy and Lulu...

For once, she wore the jacket! Usually she won't move with it on.




Jennifer said...

Beautiful snow pics!!

Kim said...

Aw, Lulu looks so classy in her jacket! Lovely photos.