Tuesday, February 27, 2007

February Sweets

(Artwork by a student- use electrical tape to "draw," then watercolor over top.)
This has been a busy couple of weeks! Lots of birthdays and get togethers, but I regret to say I left my camera in my bag. Here are some tidbits of all kinds of goodies...

First off, we celebrated our 4th Valentine's Day together! We were lucky to have the day off work, and we had a fun day. Jeremy made me a sweet, lovely dinner and a homemade card (our tradition is to exchange homemade cards)... I can't show you the card :), but I can show you his gift from me! It's a puzzle-message, the kind I can't think of the name, where one letter stands for another, etc.

Basically, it says, "We're going to see the Harlem Globetrotters in March!" I think it was the perfect gift! We're both really excited. He's seen them before (back in the 80's) but I haven't.

More sweets! A gift from my mother! My very own, hand-knit scarf! It's the perfect length, color, feel (not too scratchy)! She's been knitting the past few years, and this was my first knitted gift from anyone! (Minus baby blankets before I was born)...

Just lovely! Thanks, Ma!

I've recieved some great mail lately, too. Just got this package from Jennifer at the Felt Mouse! She really is just too cute! This was a wonderful surprise-- a little pink container with red flower, beautiful Chinese card in the envelope....

And the goodies inside! A hand-made fortune cookie, a chocolate dipped fortune cookie and some yummy fortune chocolate hearts! This girl deserves an award! She's always doing such fun stuff for every holiday, and I wish I lived in the West so I could shop with her wherever she finds all this cool stuff!

Thank you Jennifer!!!! You are so sweet!

And finally, after a delay in the shipping, my new Amy Butler fabrics have arrived! They were supposed to (the greens and blacks) be a birthday present for Ashley, but, since I also gave her a late Christmas gift as a birthday gift, I don't want to keep being so far behind. I made her something else, and now (sigh) I'll just have to find another way to use these! :)

I'll be honest and say I've visited so many of you, but had some trouble logging into my account, so I couldn't leave a comment! I hope everyone's had a lovely month!


Jennifer said...

A belated thank you again for your wonderful What's Cookin' package!

Sarah and Jack said...

The electrical tape is a good idea, I need to remember that one!

Kim said...

I have only seen the Harlem Globetrotters on T.V., but I think they are SO funny! What a great valentine gift!

P.S. The fabrics are so fabulous! Not going to shop, not going to shop...

Nice scarf, too!