Sunday, January 21, 2007


Last week I turned 28. I can't believe I'm 28! Not that 28 is such an awful big number, but it seems like just yesterday I was 21. Really. I've been completely spoiled this week by friends and family... it's going to be hard to go back to being a normal person :) DSCN3311
(an ice cream cake)

I've seen a few fun memes around blogland, but I just wanted to mark the occasion with an entry of 28 things:

1. I'm thankful for: the kindness and wisdom of my parents, the generosity of my brother, the love of my husband, my sweet, sweet pets, my friends who can always bring a smile to my face, my coworkers who teach me so much about life everyday, the kindness of strangers, the fact that I've survived some things I felt I couldn't...
2. I love: how every day is new and this quote: "Make it a good day or not, the choice is yours." Here's another good quote, from my father: "Sometimes what you want and what you get aren't always the same thing."
2.5 (oops!). This week: Jer, my family and friends spoiled me by taking me out to some of my favorite eateries 'round here, as they know good food is my drug of choice :): Cafe Michel, The Depot Grille, Sheridan Livery, Panera (I heart bread), Southern Inn. I finally made a home cooked meal last night. Oh, if you live around here, I'd say the best meal we had was at the Depot... I had the Bourbon Glazed Salmon... sooo yummy!
3. The loot: Lots of fun stuff!
A mini-chopper
A vase
Bird stuff... a mercury glass bird
this one Ashley got for me in London @ Top Shelf... cool, eh?
4. Friends I wish I could have seen for my birthday: Rachel Tro., Hillary, Rachel Cald., Mariana, Karlos, Angela, Creek, Justin
5. Why I love living here: That Walmart hasn't ruined the downtown business.
6. Scary things about the world:That the electric car vanished, probably because of the big oil companies. Pollution. War. That young girls think they're fat: there is actually a girl, I believe she is a Washington and Lee student, who is stick thin but I see every time I go to the grocery store loading up on junk food-- a full cart every time-- I've seen her 2 days in a row before, always without a list just wandering. She's so thin her eyes are sunken, and I want to say something to her. Should I? What would I say?
7. My phobia: the dark. Ok, not the dark inside the house, lights out; the darkness fo the woods, sans flashlight or fire. It's kind of a long story, but a big part of it might be that Watcher in the Woods scared the crap out of me when I was little.
8. My other phobia: clowns. This is a result of Killer Clowns from Outer Space. What freaky movie! Clowns getting kids to wander into the woods to see the circus, and then eating them (is what I remember)... I could never look at cotton candy the same way either! :)
9. A movie you should watch: Who Killed the Electric Car?
10. A movie that left me a little confused: Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? This is definetely not a date night movie, it's a little depressing and confusing. At least now I understand, partially, the hype over Elizabeth Taylor's acting.
11. A book I love: Sue Monk Kid's The Secret Life of Bees
12. A book I recommend, but can't say you'll enjoy reading the whole thing: The Black Dog of Fate. As an Armenian, I am so glad I've read this, but I've never been able to finish it because of the disturbing facts.
13. A really cool hint I'd like to pass on: If you have a stem of cut hydrangea and it starts to wilt, fill a deep pot or bucket with lukewarm water. Drop the hydrangea into the pot, flower side down. Let it sit for a few hours... and voila! it comes back to life. See?
Before, wilting in the arrangement...
And after, days later!
I'm so excited about this, as these are my favorite flowers; I heard the hint a long time ago, but thought it sounded ridiculous.
14. A City I Love: Paris
15: A City I'd love to see more of: Victoria
16. A City I'd love to see: Rome
17. I want to try: Crewel or Needlepoint. I got Wool and Hoop for Christmas this year, and I just love the designs. Needlepoint is so expensive, SO expensive, but really beautiful when finished. I have an aunt who does needlepoint beautifully, and my grandmother got me one for Christmas (finished already, not a kit).

18. Blogs I've just discovered: 3191, Cut + Paste, Through the Lens, Stuff on My Cat (Watch Out, Moby!) .
19. Food: I like tomatoes, but hate ketchup. I actually don't like any condiments.
20. A Car I Want: Toyota Camry- The Hybrid! This is truly a sweet, sweet ride. In my dreams we could afford it, but I am still saving up for a car this year.
21. Bad Habits I resolve this year to quit: Not returning phone calls or emails promptly, not writing thank you notes when I should and ... biting my nails. I keep telling myself that if I could find a way to stop, I could treat myself to a manicure-- but right now, that would be like paying for a haircut with a shaved head. :)
22. Something I want to do less of: Internet shopping. I'm saving up for a car, after all!
23. Something I can't get enough of: The Office. I just want Jim and Pam to get together!
24. Something I want to do more of: Exercise. I'm trying to walk a trail here at least 2x a week. I daydream that I'll get back into swimming, too...
25. Something I hope for: to find a way to love my job. Some days that's tough, but every so often, something happens, or maybe a child does or says something that makes it all worthwhile.
26. This weekend: I'm going to start making Valentines!
27. Today: It's snowing! Yippee! Our first snow of the year, I hope it's a good one.
28. Tommorow: I'm going to wake up and hope school's canceled, just like every kid around here!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


Sarah and Jack said...

RE: number 6. I would just be simple and unassuming. "Hi! I am Coleen, I think I have seen you here before?" If she seems open and responsive, try the usual, "what do you do/where do you go to school/what are you majoring in/do you have family here/etc. Here is my email address if want to keep in touch." I tend to think it is a real pity that we have become a society where people don't speak to one another. I was in London once, and very upset and distressed, and NO ONE just passed by me. They all stopped to ask me what was the matter and how they could help me. In America? No way. People mind their own business.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Coleen! Eat an extra piece of cake for me!

Anonymous said...


Happy Birthday & I am glad your back in blogland! I miss snow days! There aren't any in SoCal. Hope you get a bonus b-day off!

Sean Carter said...

Hey thanks for sharing the photos...they look amazing...really liked them...i'm sure ou had a great time on your birthday and wishing you all happiness and prosperity for all time to come...well hey also visit my blog sometime and check out some of the cool stuff i've posted there...and while you're at it do share your thoughts!!!

Kim said...

Ack! I missed your birthday! Why was I so sure it was the 27th?! Anyway, happy belated birthday, and I'm SO going to make you a belated birthday cake before I go to Idaho! :) Let's just think of it as an extension on the festivities, which were, apparently, many.

Oooh, and happy mini-chopper, too! So handy.