Thursday, November 09, 2006

I Might Just Be A Crazy Bird Lady, Part 2

I was so excited to get my Vintage Bird Swap package! The funny thing was, the person who I had, had me! She sent me such a lovely package full of birdie goodies! Check out the embroidery from the 20's or 30's...


I hope she loves the bird stuff I sent her as much!
Here's the package, and one of my favorite things I found for her was this box of bird stickers. Hundreds of old stickers (the kind you had to lick).... I got them as a lot on eBay of old stickers I'm guessing a teacher had or something. Her name was Miss McBride. From the lot I won, there were 4 little boxes full of this tiny stickers- stars of many colors and birds.
Any guess as to how old these might be????

I found more evidence that I have some kind of strange thing for birds...
Yes, that's a Posie Cagelet! I love that one.
Even here, at the sink.

Look where else I found birds! On our dinnerware! I never even noticed.

Well, I guess I do have some kind of weird thing for birds. At least it's not something really, really, really out there! Who would want that many eyes looking at you all the time? :)

Hope everyone is doing well!


Kim said...

:) Yep, it is official--you ARE the crazy bird lady.

Just kidding.

I do love the cagelet, by the way.

And birds are supposed to be the big trendy thing right now anyway, aren't there? So really, you're just ahead of everyone.

dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

Everyone needs a decorating theme, you know. It's not like you have live birds everywhere!! hee hee. don't do that btw.

UK Girl said...

Coleen - I loved your bird package!
Especially those beatiful little gummed birds :-) I am so pleased you liked my package and as I was buying my kids little yellow bath ducks, I thought I would add one to your package (lol). Please stay in touch. Paula (UK Girl)