Sunday, October 22, 2006

Richmond Photos, As Promised, II

What a week! I haven't had much free time this week, so what was supposed to be posted last weekend is now a week behind! More about this past week later.

Last Saturday, Ashley and I drove to Richmond to meet up with Hillary, Rachel, and Rachel's boyfriend, Victor. Last year around the same time (Hillary's birthday) we met there, too. This year promised to be as much fun, since we hadn't seen eachother in so long. I went through grade school and high school with these girls, and I really don't think we've changed all that much. I love that... that is doesn't get awkward like some other relationships...

Like a few weeks ago, when I was in DC, I ran into a girl who I was really good friends with when we were in high school. We were excited to see eachother, but we didn't have much to talk about.. you know? She never wants to come back to our hometown, and I live there. I'm glad I saw her, but I don't know if we could be friends like we were before.

Anyway, we met in Short Pump. When my brother played soccer for a Williamsburg team (grades 4-8), he had so many games in Short Pump (versus the Strikers). Back then it was soccer fields, maybe a bank, McDonalds, and a brand new Applebees (back before it was a chain). Now, it is strip mall city. They actually call it "Town Center", but there never was a town center before the malls came along. Part of me feels guilty for being there because I hate strip malls, but this other part of me said, "Where else can you shop at H&M, Crate and Barrel, and Urban Outfitters???" Bad. Yeah, we did some shopping, but then we wanted to head into Richmond.

Lots of hugs :)

Ashley and Hillary

We drove into town and walked around a bit. We wanted to grab lunch near Shokoe Slip, because we also wanted to do a canal boat tour.

Look! Another Cha! Cha!
We decided on the Tobacco Company Restaurant. It was really cool inside, very cool 3 story restaurant with center opening (see web page, I couldn't get a good shot). Plants hang from the skylight, and there's even this really ancient elevator. Great atmosphere. We had our own little office-table. I thought the food was pretty good, especially the She-Crab soup, but I was still hungry when we left.

Poor Victor. As soon as Rachel went to the bathroom, we started in on questioning him. "What are your intentions with our friend?" "How did you meet?" "What do you do?" "Are you going to marry her?" (ok, we didn't really ask that one.) I'm sure he wished Rachel would hurry up and come back, but he won us over. They're such a sweet couple! Obnoxious, but sweet together :)
Cute Kiss

Walked down to the canal from Shokoe Slip.

For $5.00, you can take a canal boat tour. I thought it would go a little farther into the city, but we had a good time. The top photo of us is with Cotton, our canal boat guide. He was fun, and I think we all stayed awake for that History lesson.

Afterwards, we had to split up. Rachel and Victor were heading to Lexington/Roanoke to do stuff with Rachel's family, and Hillary headed home before Norfolk Tunnel Traffic. Ashley and I stayed until later in the evening, and headed home.

Hope everybody's coming home for Christmas or Thanksgiving! I'll make dinner!

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