Sunday, October 22, 2006

Parachuting Over Soccer Games, Candy Corn Hangovers, and Party Animals

The soccer team has regained their top place in their conference, and the games have been exciting to watch. Last Saturday's game was no exception. The score was 1-1, and they even played 2 overtimes without another score. According to the stats, our team outshot them 20 shots to their 4 , but we just didn't have the luck to score a goal to break the tie!

While the game was in its second half, a plane started flying in circles around the field. A few years ago, the soccer team practiced where they played this same day, stopping to watch a plane circling above. Something tragic happened that day, and they had to see what happened. That plane crashed in town. Some of the fans watched and wondered what was happening. I admit, I started to think of 9/11, and fear and worry took over momentarily. Suddenly, what looked like 4 or 5 smoke bombs were dropped on our little city in the distance of the soccer stadium. Some fans gasped. We watched these funny looking things fall, and it wasn't until until they fell a few minutes that we could finally see what was really in view- parachuters! What relief swept over us.

I want the world, the US, this town-- to remain a safe place to live. In talking to some of the children at our school, I discover that many of them have never played unsupervised outside. Children not going outside to play, to discover??? I lived in a small neighborhood, but all of us kids played unsupervised all over the place. We'd go in the creeks, go up our treehouse, ride our bikes down the road, go into whoever's houses... we just had to come home when we heard that dinner bell (it was really loud-- an old bell from a Navy ship!). We knew not to get into the cars or homes of strangers, or tell them if we were home alone (which we were sometimes). We didn't get in trouble, we were just a group of kids hanging out.

Would we have been able to do that today, almost 25 years later? I think about that. I don't think so. Our parents would have new concerns which didn't seem to exist then. We certainly wouldn't be able to just go out to play for hours, no definite location, unsupervised. I'm guessing I would have had to carry a cell phone so I could be reached at any time. If I didn't spend a lot to time playing outside, I probably would have spent a good deal of time on the internet. Maybe I'd get into chatting with my friends, since I couldn't play with them. Then, of course, our parents would have had to supervise that, whether by selecting a safe host site for chatting, or by reading chat scripts or something (?). So let's say my parents felt the internet just wasn't safe at all, they might send me to my room or let me watch tv... The tv is no longer "safe"... what is said on tv today is totally different than what they allowed 25 years ago. I wasn't allowed to watch MTV, but if a babysitter came over, we'd watch. MTV has totally changed.

I just realize how lucky I was to grow up when I did, in this safe place. I wish everyone could say that... you know? What have you noticed has changed? What new fears exist that didn't seem to be there when we were kids?

Speaking of change, look at these beautiful fall trees. I like that there is a pathway of some kind in each photo (sidewalk, trail of walked on leaves or stairwell). Now I just need a good orange one, and I'll have a lovely trio of fall photos .... Lexingtonians, know of any good orange fall trees?

Last week was a great week. A busy, busy week, but fun. What did I do?

I ate waaay too much candy corn (shouldn't I learn from all those times I've been sick?). When were little, my friend Hillary and I split a big bag of candy corn one afternoon. Yes, one afternoon! We both got really sick. I don't think, to this day, that she eats candy corn. But me? I eat it all October without hesitation, often too much, and frequently get that candy corn hangover feeling.

happy Halloween

We had a Birthday-Halloween party for Jeremy. We packed our tiny house on Sunday. Had a few kids running around, made 2 cakes, lots of food, heard funny stories about Jeremy. Jeremy is one of 7 kids, and never really wants to be the center of attention. Before people came over, he was all, "I wish they wouldn't make a fuss over my birthday" and "No gifts allowed" but I know he loved to be the center of attention once it started! I wish I had more photos, but my batteries died on my camera.

I did capture pics of one party animal (one very unhappy to wear a cold-weather sweater animal) and one person who always loves to be the center of attention! :)



This week I waitressed 2 days. I forgot how much energy and thinking it takes! I might pick up more shifts soon, since the holidays are coming up!

Kim was kind enough to take me with her to a photography class in Roanoke. We learned a little on portraits. I enjoyed looking at all the examples of portraits-- that was cool. Except now I want a new camera. I think my camera is great, always dependable, just no good once it comes to zooming. But I felt like I had the Neon model next to all the Cadillacs! :) Thanks again, Kim! Can't wait to see more of your photos.

Yesterday, I went to Richmond for our 2nd annual Meet-In-Richmond Girls Day! Except this time, there was one guy with us! More on that later.

Hope everyone had a great week and weekend!


Kim said...

I hadn't ever thought about it before, but I'd never let Matthew play outside unsupervised either! You just hear so many scary stories of what could happen to kids. I think this is one of the reasons we have avoided moving to a big city. A small town might not be that much safer, but it sure feels that way!

Anyway, love the tree photos, and I'm looking forward to hearing about your exciting Girls+1 Boy's Day Out.

dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

I let Ellie play outside unsupervised, but she really freaks me out when she doesn't come in as soon as I call her. I need one of those Navy dinner bells!!