Wednesday, October 04, 2006

In Other News...

I have all kinds of random things I'd love to share, but don't have the time today to write much.

First off, I'm trying to set up my blogger banner. Thanks to Delite Designs for designing something soooo cute! Makes me want to go to Paris just thinking about it!

Second, Soccer. Today the soccer team had its first TIE. It is so frustrating to sit thru 2 halves, then 2 overtimes and have to end a game with a TIE. You're all worn out from the tension, worry, excitement, and such! Even Kim stopped by to watch part of the game! So nice of her! Enjoyed dinner tonight with my dad, brother, and husband. My mom went to a Girls' Night... so I guess it was kind of like a Guy's Night for them. They talked about Sports and I just listened and asked questions that make me feel dumb about sports! I try my best to keep up with things like Football. For example, I try to check out ESPN so that when Jeremy talks about important College or NFL games or players, I can throw in one of the interesting facts they throw out (so I sound like a real Sports Fan!) Dont' tell my secret :)

Third, I feel so lucky to be part of another swap-- this one is the Holiday Apron Swap, hosted by Sarah and Mary. Look how much fun it will be! I've always wanted to start some kind of swap, but haven't narrowed down any ideas. This way, it's all someone else who has to organize it and do all the thinking! I have to write a meme for the swap, so I'm sure you'll see that in a few days.

Too much to do this week... can't keep up with all this fun stuff!

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Kim said...

1st things first: LOVE the banner! I think it's really cute. So very frenchy, oui?

And they tied!? Oh no! Does that mean they can still say they are undefeated?

And ALSO, I got into that SAME apron swap!!! So fun! How funny that we are both doing that one because I think they only "invite" about 20 people! Wouldn't it be funny if we ended up as swap partners!?