Saturday, September 09, 2006

Take Only Pictures (and bits of wallpaper) and Leave Only Footprints

And so we did. I have just returned home from a fun morning at an auction. What a blast! It turns out I know the couple who purchased this old farm in Rockbridge County, a beautiful place complete with lots of old sheds, planters, and even a pond surrounded by cattails. This house hasn't been lived in for a looooong time.... newspapers were spread across one floor that were dated 1964. Apparently two cousins lived there until their death, and they piled as much as they could on the first floor, and eventually moved downstairs. There was a lot of old farm equip. and tons of papers, photographs, linens and such. Unfortunately, most of the items for sale had been damaged by water or bad storage conditions, so I didn't buy anything. The owners of the house let us walk around, and they even let me take this old bit of wallpaper.

So cool. It was totally Anthropologie- old light fixtures, old, old wallpaper on top of old wallpaper. The young couple who owns the house are gutting the place and redoing it- it will be gorgeous. What I love is that they're reusing all the old floors and as much of the old wallpaper as possible. Beautiful woodwork in the house.

Walking around outside, it became obvious what was the oldest part of the house. Apparently the oldest part, as I've shown below, is from around 1810. The other half is from about 1890. I love, love old houses like that. You walk from one room to another, stepping into different periods of time as you walk. One day we'll have one, I'm hoping.

Some old barns, and in the distance, development starting on recently sold land. It's happening all over the county. I wish it weren't so.

I've had a photography project in mind for a while... I have been thinking of taking photos of all the old barns around here... I love the craftmanship that goes into each, and that farmers still use them, but I also see that they won't always be part of the landscape around here. I've taking a few, but I'd really like to cover at least this county.

So, it was an auction, as I mentioned. I only bid on one thing, and I didn't win. There were tons of people I think were antique dealers, and so they could pay top dollar. What we really enjoyed was listening to the auctioneer. I couldn't understand much of what he said, but it almost sounded like a sort of song he sang. I wonder where they learn how to do that.

This morning, waking up to fog all over the valley and chilly weather, made it feel like fall is really on its way. I hear that because it was a dry summer, the leaves will be really beautiful this year, so I can't wait for some Sunday drives on the Parkway. If you haven't seen it already, check out the new Country Living issue.... beautiful fall photos. I would kill to work for that magazine!

Speaking of work, I really, to put it nicely, did not enjoy my job this week. In an attempt to be really professional, I'll skip griping about it, and just say we worked reallly, really hard this week. I am thankful to have a job and to work with everyone I work with... especially that I get to work right across the hall from my hubby. We consult eachother on lots of things, and visit eachother throughout the day. He's a great teacher, and I love to watch him teach his class. He's very calm and really tries to make learning fun for them. Keep up the good work, Jeremy!

Yesterday the soccer team had it's first game... and they won! (1-0) I'll probably be a big geek and post all the scores. It was nice to chat with all the parents of the players and get back into the games... this should be a good year for the team!

Other little tidbits-
L. or Leslie, thanks for doing my hair! I love the color- it definetely looks way more natural than it was before. It had just been highlighted one too many times in some areas. I feel like I had a makeover, and you did a great cut, too!

I'm off for what is my last waitressing night for a while. It was fun to get called in, for a while, but now the fun's done. I want to just wrap up in a blanket and watch a movie, and eat lots of yummy food (rather than serve it!).

Have a good weekend!

P.S. I'm just wondering if anyone is totally opposed to me writing their names? if you are, please let me know and you'll be an initial :)


Kim said...

The estate sale looks look fun! Ryan and I almost went, but then decided we have spent WAY too much money lately (sounds like I'm not the only one, hehe). But it's always fun just to see all the old things that can collect in a house over a lifetime. I always wonder what my own auction would look like in 50 years! Looks like you guys had a good Saturday!

kirsten sparenborg in savannah GA said...

we could have been separated at birth...except for slightly different ages. i loved vicariously roaming the old house and grounds, your descriptions of the interior, abandoned/preserved for so many years. i am happy to know the new owners are salvaging old ornamnet, fixtures, wallpaper. my dream, too. i love your blog! rock on.

p.s. i am taking my graphic design course now at SCAD and will have my own webpage in 10 weeks to share all my drawings and junk! you are an inspiration.