Saturday, September 09, 2006


I recieved some postcards I'd like to share...


The first, from Rome, is from my friend Karlos. I believe I've mentioned him before. The last I'd heard from him he was back in Mexico, but now he's in Rome and Paris--- for how long, he didn't say-- but he's touring all the great art museums. I wish I could be there, too, not only because I'd like to eat all the good food Rome and Paris have, but also because he's my favorite art history buff! He knows so much, sees so much... The idea of being in Paris or Rome right now sounds like the perfect getaway. A girl can dream!

The second, which just arrived a few minutes ago, is from Jeremy's parents. They wrote me from Japan, and they've sent me 3 postcards so far. They must know I love them! :) They mentioned that they'd like to share some info about the Japanese Tea Ceremony, which just happens to be the very topic some of my students will study and later be a part of in a few months! And, if you've paid attention to the media, you may have seen that a Prince has just been born there, in Japan. They live just right across the street from the hospital and told us all about the crazy media circus in their front "yard."

Sometimes the best gifts come in small packages. I love real letters or postcards! Who needs email? :)

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