Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Some Goodies!

So my candy swap package arrived yesterday! We had a good time tasting all the fun candies inside.... I live for candy! I've never been a chocolate person, but anything chewy will cheer me up! It's almost a guarentee that I will leave Walmart with either Haribo Gummi Bears, Werther's Chewy Caramels or Strawberry Sour Straws. Inside the package from my swap buddy Heather was:
chewy Gobstoppers, Smarties, Chewy Red Licorice, Sour Belts, Banana-Marshmallow Circus Peanuts, Strawberry-Banana Jelly Beans, Gummi Pigs and some fun flavored Nerds! Heather- Thank You So Much! I love them all! .

Last weekend I went to Anthropologie in Rockville. I got a few fun things - some little glass doorhandles. What I was most excited about was that they had some Oilily Perfume! I know it may sound weird, but I've worn this perfume since about 9th grade! My cousin from Germany gave it to me one year, and I just love it. It's just so cheery. They have a few Oilily shops here in the US, but the ones in Europe are so cool. They have all kinds of funky clothes that are way too expensive, but always give me some good ideas. Did you hear about the guy trading the red paperclip for a house? Well, he had a few trades between, and you can read all about it on his blog! I think it's such a cool story.

I wanted to share a website I found that I think everyone should try. I can't seem to get a copy of my results posted here, but, according to them, my face looks like Katie Holmes- you know, Tom Cruise's fiance. I don't see the likeness, but it's fun. It's free, and you download a photo of yourself (you can have other faces in the photo). Just make sure it's a straight-forward shot. They'll do a scan and then tell you which celebrity you look like! I'd be really curious to see what the results are for some other folks!

Have a great week!

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dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

I used 4 photos and got 4 results. One of the photos gave me two asian women and Colin Powell and Zach Braff. I always thought J looked like him. I also got Joan Cusack and Eva Longoria. Totally fun. Thanks for suggesting it.