Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Independence Day!

Fourth of July is always lots of fun here in Lex Vegas. I'm sure there's not quite as much to do as in a BIG city, but I think we do pretty well for a small town. For about 2 days, there are hot air balloons all over the county. They start at VMI and end up in random spots about an hour later. This is what I saw yesterday morning, right across from our house!

I met up with my friend A. for some flea marketing downtown. There was supposed to be a pretty good one up at VMI, but it was tiny, so we headed elsewhere. I found a few cool things, but I'm glad we kept going, because I really landed a jackpot. We found a group of paintings and the prices on them were unreal. I've seen some really crappy paintings sell here for over $150, and to find something like this for $65 was too good to be true. I asked the dealer for his best price and he knocked off $15!!!!! He didn't look at the painting at first, and after I'd paid, he looked at it and his eyes popped out of his head! I feel a little guilty, but he has ripped me off many times :) I love this painting. I don't have anything like it. I found a home for her already, and I wonder who she is and when it was done. I'm guessing sometime in the early 60's. I would be happy to cover every wall of our house with original work, but I think we'd be broke.

Later, J's sister came to spend the evening with us. We headed to our friends K&T's house to BBQ and then head over to town to watch the fireworks. I really enjoyed watching the kids enjoying the fireworks. The youngest was scared of the fireworks, but at the same time, could not resist watching them. She reached for the moon but couldnt' catch it! :) Afterwards, we headed to our house to do some small fireworks... they surely woke up all the neighbors, though, because they sounded like a war zone. We had a fun time.

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th!


Chef Messy said...

Hello! Looks like you guys had fun yesterday! That painting is fantastic, but I REALLY love your flag photo!

dating diaries from a late bloomer said...

oooohhhh, pretty! That painting is even more amazing up close and personal. I love the wedding photo but the one with Me is my favorite. I am so cool. wink.