Friday, May 28, 2010

Saturday Trip to the Zoo

These pictures uploaded all over the place, so randomly! Oh well.

We went to the Natural Bridge Zoo last Saturday and we brought Ellie. The zoo is small, but it really does have a nice collection of animals. If Charlie talks at all, it's usually about animals. And Ellie is so smart -- I actually did a practicum in her classroom this year at the very time they presented animal projects. Her favorite animal is the cheetah, which she knew a ton of information about-- and although she and I saw one earlier this year at the National Zoo, the Natural Bridge zoo had no cheetah. I think everyone had a good time!

They have lots of cute little animals running around-- like exotic chickens that jump into the trees!

There are some photographs of me at the zoo in 1985 or 86, and most are of me petting a baby elephant. I found out that the zoo has had this elephant since around that time, and it being their only elephant, she's all grown up! I wish she had a buddy.Moments before the rain came. A moment I want to remember.But wish I had painted my toenails.
Charlie wouldn't feed the animals so I dropped some food on the base of his stroller. The llamas loved it! Charlie-- not so much.
Giraffes have looooong tongues! Feels funny!
Ellie is so pretty, huh! She ran out of purchased food at one point and ran over to an animals trough and took some food out to share with the other animals! I sure hope Leslie writes down some Ellie stories!
Cute little goats!

Watching the monkeys while it rained....
We discovered Charlie had a fever soon after this.... which is why he looks sooo over it!
Wish I could've gotten just a little closer!

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