Thursday, December 17, 2009

9/25 Posts: For Santa (UPDATED!)

What would Christmas Eve be without a little cookie plate for Santa? Charlie and I spent a day over at the Creative Kiln. I hadn't been there in so long, maybe since the summertime. I miss my old painting buddies Kim and Lyndsey, but both are busy with newborns Jonah and Holly!

Even still, I had a great time with Charlie making this plate and would love to make it tradition to make something using his handprints or footprints, as long as he'll let me. I doubt when he's 16 and too cool for me that he'll let me dip his hand in paint and me make some kind of cutesy thing, so I will take advantage of this while I can!
Update: My cousin sent me this link, and I just can't wait to do something like these next year!

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Jennifer said...

Ohhh - that is too cute!