Sunday, December 06, 2009

1/25 Posts: Family Get-Togethers

I have had camera issues, and I finally was able to take care of that today, so I'm going to play catch up! I don't think it would be possible for me to post every single day of the 25 days before Christmas, but I do think I could pull together 25 posts about holiday-stuff. Here goes...

So the day after Thanksgiving, we met up with Jeremy's family in Christiansburg. It may have been Blacksburg. I don't know, I can never tell what town you're in up there because it's all just one big Hokieville. Either way, we were originally going to take the kids to a park so they'd get good and worn out, but it was freezing cold and flurrying. It was also Black Friday and we weren't nuts enough to be shopping that day... so that left us bowling!

Seems like every single year bowling is something we end up doing. Might be my immediate family, or my family in PA, but it always happens. I am honestly horrible at bowling (but try playing me on the Wii! I'm really good a that!), but I try. But seriously, no one wants to bowl the rest of the year, it seems, and I wonder why the holidays inspire people to go!

*On the drive up, we passed this family van. Nothing too strange from far away, but then you get a little closer...
*They have a full-on bike rack, with the kid's bikes attached-- wheels removed. Was it necessary? Don't you think it would have been just as easy to put them in the trunk? There was something funny about this to us!
*Is there anything sweeter than a sleeping baby?
*Charlie loved watching his cousins play, and helped his young cousin Zai sort through the balls as they arrived.

*Cousin Maura

*Cousin Zai

*With Aunt Kim

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