Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I am so glad to finally be home. We've been in that car for what feels like weeks: Gettysburg, PA; Williamsburg/Va. Beach, VA; Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN; Ocean City, NJ; Pearisburg, VA. I remember at the beginning of the summer I was thrilled at the idea of going to multiple reunions, a wedding, and beaches. Now I think I am just crazy for thinking we could do so much! We did have a good time on all our little trips, and Charlie was a good sport through it all. It was just the stuck in the car feeling I want to escape! I doubt we'll travel again until Thanksgiving.


I'm watching: this.

I'm listening to: a sleeping baby. Finally. He's getting a molar in and the nighttime has been torture for him. Traveling hasn't helped. 

I'm wondering: are there any cute boy clothes patterns? Besides rompers? I mean there are tons and tons of adorable girl dresses....

I'm working on: a quilt like this! Here's the original from Denyse Schmidt. I love the colors and the quilting pattern on this one (you'll have to look at her web page). Buying solid colors really isn't as easy as you'd think. I didn't want to drive to a fabric store (at least an hour away) so I ordered online what looked to be the closest in color to each she'd chosen. Definitely not the same, but I'll make it my own. 
I'm excited about: getting my hair cut tomorrow! I am currently really not liking my 'do. Think I'm going back to this number:
I'm super excited about: checking the mailbox! No word yet from MBC. I might just sit at the mailbox until the postal lady comes! :)

I'm going to go: swimming! 

Maybe later: I'll post vacation photos :)

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sounds like a good plan :)