Thursday, October 23, 2008


Meet Charlie!

Charles Willis was born on October 13 at 11:44 am. A whopping 8 lbs, 2 oz-- 19.5 inches long! :) It was an easy delivery (thank you, epidural!) and we're enjoying every minute with our sweet boy!

More photos, soon!


Ashley said...

I love him so much!!!

Jennifer said...

Nice to meet you, Charlie!

Parks Family said...

Congratulations! He is such a beautiful baby boy! Good Job Coleen! You done good! We can't wait to see you guys again. Hope you are getting sleep.

still figgurin' said...

He sure is a cutie- I can't wait to see him in person! Did you dress him up for Halloween?

Brandie said...

Congratulations!! He is adorable!!

Shopaholic D said...

Congrats!! He's a cutie!

:) Diana
The Chic Life