Thursday, January 25, 2007

Never A Dull Moment

I forgot to mention that we did have a snow day on Monday... really an ice day. We don't get inches and inches of snow here, we typically get more ice! I really enjoyed hearing Kim's outlook on us snow-wimps here in VA :) .... I don't drive if I see ice. You might ask Why?
My parents live waaaaay out in the county, and their driveway is literally straight up. When I lived there, I didn't own a car with 4 Wheel drive. Getting my little Focus or Suburu (Loyale!) up that driveway was such a scary feat. We tried going in reverse, getting a running head start, all that... but the ones that make me cringe at the thought of them today: Going straight up the driveway, getting a running start, but hitting a patch of ice, falling backwards, sliding in my vehicle sideways, sideways again, and then, conviently, returning to exit the driveway headfirst that I just minutes ago, went up exactly the opposite direction! That happened to me at least 4 times, and I was sure my car would flip or continue on its downward icy path right into the steep woods below the road. No, I don't drive on ice!!!!
So yeah, we hung out at home on Monday. Jeremy didn't want to work out, and we hadn't seen a bit of snow all year. Even last year there wasn't enough snow to use our sleds. So... he attempted ice sledding. Walking to the hill we like to use, I was pretty sure he'd sit on the sled, want to move but not go. I was wrong! He went super fast every time, and it was just so funny because there was just a dusting of snow. He's like a big kid, and life is never too serious with him! He had the biggest smile on his face!
This may have contributed to the fact that today he's so sick... but I'm sure he'd tell you it was worth it!

I was content to stay inside, cleaning and getting a headstart on Valentines, since I never sent Christmas cards. I was so happy to finally score some "Love" stamps right after I'd made a bunch of these cards!

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