Saturday, December 23, 2006

#4- Gingerbread Houses, Teapots, Greek Vases and Complete Exhaustion!

This was a wild week at school! The kids (and adults) were so excited for Christmas vacation, but we had lots of projects that needed to be finished so that they could take them home for Christmas.

I myself needed some help finishing some ornaments a fellow teacher had asked me to do for his students-- thankfully our friend Kirsten was visiting us from Savannah, on her way to catching a plane to Spain! (That sounds a bit Dr. Seuss-ish!) She's such a fun lady, you should check out her shop! Kirsten, thanks so much for visiting and helping me! Hope we can see you soon & that Spain was a blast!
I do like how they turned out... our simple little snowmen wearing scarves, standing in front of evergreens... but I was disappointed that after baking them (we used enamel paint), some of the white absorbed the red of the bulb!
Now, on to the students work...

The entire 3rd grade made gingerbread houses, and the adults constructed the basic house... Wow! I never knew what a challenge it was to work with royal icing... So that was 60 houses, plus the 12 kids in one of my reading groups wanted to give it a go! I think I have made enough icing and tried to keep together enough houses to last me a few decades!


The 3rd graders have been working on a project with me for about 3 weeks now... they'd learned about Greece, so we painted Greek vases with Geometric designs. 60 plus! I see some future artists!


The 4th graders painted British teapots with me... the design they had to do wasn't as much fun, but I think they learned a lot. (They had to do a floral design.)


And a few other projects I thought I'd share... 5th grade writing...DSCN3134
Aren't they sweet? :)
I was so exhausted by the end of the week!

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Kim said...

Love the cards! Those are too funny.