Thursday, October 12, 2006

Winter Weather, Already? P.S. Know Anyone Who Collects Plates?

The last roses of the year.
Tonight I cleaned and hung up some Halloween decorations inside the house, while the hubby changed the oil in his truck outside. I ended up going outside to hang out with him (because that was so much more fun than cleaning) and it was freezing outside! Tonight we're supposed to get the first frost of the season, so I spent the few hours of remaining daylight pruning my rose bushes and azaleas ready. Seems like just last week that Fall seemed to arrive.

I love working in my little garden. I stress the word little. I think I've mentioned the flowers before, but working in it is what I miss the most in the winter. I can't wait to have a huge garden of my own one, like my mother. Winter. I know, I know... it will make Spring all that much better. Thing is, I get to cut off a stem or 2 of peonies or roses that came from our garden... not Walmart or a florist, you know?

I've got to mention that the soccer team had their first loss last night. It was kind of like watching last summer's World Cup all over again. Painful and sad. Too many bad calls by the referree that just ruined the game. A goal by penalty kick, for a penalty that didn't happen. The players were better sports than some of us fans, and to our comments my dad said, "Now we'll see what kind of team we really are." I hope that anyone that lives around here will come and support them this Saturday, since the students are gone. This is THE game of the season. If you need details, just leave me a comment.

Well, I'm off. Grey's Anatomy calls.

Oh, the plate thing. There are just some things I cannot throw away. I do collect vintage souvenir plates, and this is one. It does have a chip, but I just can't find a place for it. If anyone is interested, just drop a line. Maybe you live in Gettysburg, PA? Maybe your mom does? Maybe you're just a huge Civil War buff?

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Kim said...

Blagh, I didn't even think about this and my herbs froze last night! Poor basil, she is done for. I need gardening lessons!

I always love seeing your little garden up at your place. You have the cutest townhouse of the whole bunch! It's how I always find the one that's yours!