Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Candy Bowl Finished! & Fall Weekend Update


Fall seemed to arrive for good last week. I want to take some photos of the beautiful leaves I've seen, but I keep forgetting my camera. Unfortunately, the most beautiful trees I've seen were in town, but the rains that lasted almost 2 days seem to have brought down almost all the leaves. Jeremy says it is still beautiful on the Blue Ridge Parkway, so I think I'm going to go in the next few days.

I'm finally getting out my Halloween decorations. I was waiting until I had finished my candy bowl, and it was ready on Monday! It took me a lot longer to paint it than I thought it would, and had some problems when it first came out of the kiln, but it's finally to my liking. It's just begging to be filled with candy corn! I want some more pumpkins, but we have 2 wee white ones out in front of the house. Since Jeremy's birthday is this weekend, it's a good excuse to get all decked out for the upcoming holiday!

This weekend flew by, and I had so much fun. See?

Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream from Klien's in Staunton- Yum!
Played this game at Kim and Ryan's (Thanks for having us!)

Watched all of Season 2 of this

Got some new books from Barnes and Noble

Found my new favorite "fast" food restaurant- Chipotle- yummmmm!

Filled a car with stuff from IKEA
Drove around some of my old "stomping grounds" from college- near College Park, MD: I had an apartment in Silver Spring, and the downtown looks totally re-vamped from 5-6 years ago!
There was even a "park" ... lots of kids playing and families hanging out. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be turf!
Stayed up way too late!

Oh, a Sports Update: the team is now 10-0-1! Thier best season EVER! They are even nationally ranked!

Well, even though the weekend was fun and there's lots more fun to be had, I better do some work 'round here. I dare say when I last did my own laundry (I'm down to the outfits I don't like to wear), or even (gulp) balanced the checkbook! :)

Have a good evening!

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Kim said...

This looks like a fun weekend!

And I love, LOVE how your Halloween Bowl turned out.... So fun!