Saturday, September 16, 2006

Sleeping In 'Til 7:00am

I'm up early this morning....


Although I made a request (I begged) to sleep in this AM, Jeremy was up early as usual and was quite the Chatty Cathy. I've never been a morning person, and the idea of sleeping in past 8:30 has been something I can only dream of these past few years. Jeremy is up early, chirpy and cheery and talky. The dog starts playing in the bedroom, running over me, licking my face, greeting me with that same chirpy-ness that has got Jeremy up and at 'em. If we haven't opened the door, the cat will tug at the bottom of the door, and that freaks the bird out in the room down the hall, and when the bird is up, he or she is LOUD! I run in there to try to talk to the bird so it will stop chirping so loud, and maybe the neighbors won't hate us. Seriously, this bird chirps REALLY loud. If I'm walking the dog, you can hear the bird houses away.

Well, any-who. I've been reading all my favorites blogs this AM, to see what everyone's been up to this week. Seeing some good recipes, and especially this.... makes me want to have a little party! Check out this recipe for cupcakes. Don't you just want to dive in to the icing? And the brie sounds delicious!

I was trying in August to experiment with recipes in some cookbooks I hardly ever use. First off, we were flat broke from car repairs, so it didn't make sense to buy crazy ingredients just to try out. Second, I found that even if I didnt' love the recipes, I just couldn't part with the cookbooks. My original intention was to try out some recipes, and to get rid of cookbooks I just don't need.... but is there really such a thing?

I haven't done a single crafty thing this week. I did find one site that is my new favorite- Paper Relics. Love it love it love it. Want one of everything. There's another I quite like- True Nature. We should all be so lucky to travel where this girl goes. Love her photos. Check it out.

The soccer team has won every game so far. They played on Thursday at home against a team that's not in their division. By the second half, they'd scored, I think, 4-0. They just kept scoring, and by the end it was 11-0. After the 3rd goal, you start to feel bad for the other team, and you want them to be nice (well, I do!). But a lot of players that normally don't get to play came into the game goal-hungry, so they took advantage. Today the team plays in Arlington, VA, pretty much in DC, but the game isn't until 6pm. I'm not sure that's a trip I'll make, since you'd get home so late (and it's not a conference game)...

Well, I'm off to enjoy a Saturday. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Kim said...

It's been so long since I've been able to sleep in that I don't even know how to do it anymore. Even on the rare morning when I wake up to a completely quiet house, I can't force myself to go back to sleep!

And no, definitely no such thing as "cookbooks you don't need." You need them just so you can flip through them and say, "That sounds good, that sounds good, that sounds good..."

Hope you're having a nice weekend!