Sunday, June 18, 2006

Tennessee or Bust!

Tommorow night, we'll be in Tennessee. Check out the cute little house we got in the Smokey Mountains! Isn't it just darling??? I just want to move in! But alas, we can't.

So we'll be in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park, right next door to Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg. We went camping there last year and had such a great time. There really are too many tourists, but we had to go back. We'll hit Dollywood, some good food (what I look forward to the most), do some hiking, biking, relaxing, and whatever else is our fancy. There's white water rafting and horseback riding, plenty of shopping (not really my top banana) and shows (not really interested). There's just a whole lot to do and it's so much cheaper than other places. We got a great deal on our cabin, and I know you can find hotels for cheap. I think it's sort of the Honeymooner's Capital of the East... sort of thing.

Oh, and the mountains! They're so beautiful. Parts of the park were once like the Shenandoah Valley of Va. Inhabited by farmers and such, cleared of trees, etc. The government bought the land and slowly the inhabitants moved away or died. It's only been about 60 or so years that the humans have been gone, so it's almost all new forest. You'll be hiking and suddenly come upon someone's old homestead, evidenced by an old chimney in the middle of the forest! There are some sort of ghost towns that they've left intact so you can see how folks lived back then... gosh, I am just going on. I love to imagine places how they might have been, and the people that lived there.

Well, I leave you (all 5 people who read this) with best wishes for an Ab-So-Fabulous Week! I leave you with some flowers from the garden (Martha Stewart's garden!).


Chef Messy said...

Looks so fun! I'd move into that cabin too! That kitchen is to die for. Have a great trip!

MARYBETH said...

WOW- where did yo find this most perfect smokey mountain rental??
I look forward to pics from your travels.

Gary Wood said...

Where is this cottage? I'd love to take my wife there. Where do I call to make reservations? The Smokey Mts. would be a great vacation. Thanks.