Monday, June 26, 2006


Today the rain has just been pouring! My brother's soccer camp started this morning with a monsoon-like downpour. Some of the parents looked very hesitant to leave their children, but in the end, I think all the kids had a great day. A and J, my cousin's kids, are staying with us this week while they attend camp... they came home very happy and in great spirits.

J and I ran some errands this morning and then checked out the river. It's flooded pretty bad...

This weekend was fine. My cousin B and her kids A and J arrived late into the evening Saturday, so Saturday morning/afternoon I got together with my friend Ash for some good old-fashioned pie baking! We really intended to make 4...

but we had so much fun we made 4 more! They were yummy. If you live in the area, please stop by for some pie and ice cream!

Today I finally got to meet Chef Messy! She met me here for some pottery painting. She seems just as sweet and crafty as on her blog. Can't wait to see how our creations turn out.

Finally, I think I'm really tired of my white walls. We stayed at a cottage last week where there wasn't a speck of white paint-- the place was loaded with color. My cousin has painted all her walls and that's inspiration to me. Plus, the new Cottage Living arrived just packed with adorable ideas. I think I need to paint something this week-- if the rain would just stop!

Well, we gotta feed these younguns', and do all the fun stuff like laundry!

(note: I can't get Blogger to post more than 3 or 4 photos. What's up with that? Any advice? I don't like using Hello or whatever it's called.)


Gary Wood said...

Watched the weather on the news,you've got 48 hrs. more rain. You'll make it. Can you ship me some of that pie!

Chef Messy said...

It was so good to finally meet you too! Really, I've been thinking for SO long that you and I needed to get together!

Your pie looks really tasty. It's funny--as much as I love to cook I am a LOST cause at pie! Oh well, what can you do?

I know what you mean about the white walls. When we moved here, we went over our apartment budget by a couple hundred bucks just because we found a place that was colorful! Colored walls are just so much cheerier!

Chef Messy said...

Oh, and P.S., have you tried linking photos in through Flickr? I abandoned blogger long ago because of picture issues, but I hear that's easier.

And P.S.S. I LOVE Cottage Living. It is my very favorite mag.

OK, I've hijacked your comments long enough now!

Anonymous said...

Where were those pictures taken? Was that near your house? I am happy to know that I have inspired you to paint. I love color, it helps to brighten everything. I hope you and J are fairing well with my kids and not cursing me under your breath! I only have 2 flowers embroidered on the project I picked up with you. Hopefully I will have time to finish it so I can show you this weekend.

Coleen said...

B, those pics were taken by Jordan's Point, under the bridge when you first get into town. I know it reached the porch of my old house.