Thursday, June 15, 2006

I Love What You Do For Me!

So, we went. We saw a truck. We bought a truck. A Toyota Tacoma to be exact. I am surprised by my reaction to the whole thing. I admit I am the impulse buyer between us, but J. was all about having that truck TODAY! Suddenly, I am processing all the purchases which I maybe now ought to avoid (hello and goodbye Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, old buddies) and thinking maybe I should start waitressing again or maybe start making things to sell or .... Gosh, I really have myself all stressed about this. We have set aside money for a while and prepared for this, but I was unprepared for the stress that would hit me. He's just a happy guy-- he's got a truck.

Alright, for fun, when you get a new car, you have got to take pictures! And what better brand than Toyota? I'm sure most of us remember the old "I love what you do for me-- Toyota!!!" ads. Before I show you the final most excellent photo, let me show you the outtakes. They make me laugh! We had a great time trying to do this! Please note: J is a very good jumper. It is me who is the bad photographer who just couldn't get her timing right. My man CAN jump, folks.


Rachel said...

nice truck!!! Now you can get a canoe and help EVERYBODY move! And think of all the antique furniture you can buy now!

By the way, great blog! I haven't had time to explore it all, but I definately am looking forward to looking at all the arts and crafts.


Anonymous said...

Hey, it's family blog time, I guess. Cool truck! We're big Toy fans ourselves. Keith will be green.
Have fun in the Smokies!


MARYBETH said...

I LOVE the pictures!-im guessing he was happy with the choice?? =)