Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good Catch(es)

Loads of fun yesterday. Went to a few yardsales and the flea market. It's funny to go to yard sales. You never want to act too interested, because then they'll know that you want what they've got. Or maybe your fellow yard salers will notice that you're really eyeing something-- and come in from behind when you least expect it. Yesterday I picked up this basket (a sweetgrass basket like they make in Charleston, SC) and I paid for it, and we were headed out. But this lady stopped me and told us some story how she'd set it aside, blah, blah, it was hers. So I handed it to her, but I really should've kept it... since I paid for it. Of course you see things you'd like to "claim" but that doesn't mean it's yours. I cannot believe how crazy yardsailing can get.

2 or 3 weeks ago, my friend Ash and I went to this great yardsale with lots of vintage stuff. There was this silver bread box, in perfect condition, probably from the early 60's in perfect condition, for only $5.00! I guess I was oblivious to what was going on, or what my friend said, because I just went and bought it. Next thing I know, my friend Ash declares that she had a claim on the bread box. I guess maybe she did point it out to me.... We didn't fight about it. We just didn't know who should keep it. If I kept it, I'd forever feel guilty for taking something my dear friend rightfully claimed. If she kept it, she'd feel the same way (at least she claimed to feel that way). So we went back and forth, driving our friend Danielle crazy. So we had Danielle pick a number, and I picked the closest to Danielle's number. So it was mine. But when I went home, I felt like it was stolen goods. I cleared my counter, and lucky for me, it was just too big for my tiny kitchen. So I dropped it off with Ashley, and now she can deal with it! :)

I got lots of cool stuff yesterday: a vintage tablecloth with matching napkins (see strawberries), a smock (orange-- you'll see it later), a picnic cookbook, a corn griller (kind of like a fish griller), a frog (for flowers), an old stoneware mixing bowl (cream color), a cake/candy dish with handle from the 30's, and a milk glass candy dish . I spent a total of $28.00!

Anyway, as soon as I got home from yard sailing, my mom called and wanted to go to Creative Kiln, our town's new paint-your-own pottery place( I had no idea how much fun it would be! I am painting a chips and salsa set, after the artist Grant Woods. I'll show you the end results when I can figure out posting photos with this darn blogging stuff!

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